Remaining to do…

The new recipe box is largely set up. Now I’m working on moving, categorizing, and re-formatting most of the content from the old site and Evernote, which became my de facto recipe box several years ago when I no longer had time to make even basic HTML pages from scratch.

Raising small children and building a law practice don’t leave a lot of spare time for hobbies. But I digress.

So far, I’m loving WordPress and happy with the Yumblog recipe theme. Remaining features that I hope to add include

  • Customized search results that show a lot less. Currently, the lists show the entire post for each item, which makes it hard to browse and quickly digest the results.
  • Photos for some of our favorite dishes.
  • The ability to filter results.

But those are tasks for another day. Overall, I’m pleased with the new setup and believe that it’s ready for everyday use by our family.