Banana Pancakes

This is a quickie recipe with one purpose: to sneak wholesome goodness into my kids’ diets with minimal fuss. Thankfully, they both love it. No syrup required.

Banana Pancakes


1 ripe banana
2 eggs
salt, to taste
3 tablespoons flour
approximately 1/4 cup milk
butter, margarine, or other oil for cooking


Mash the bananas. Add the eggs and beat together until well-blended. Add the salt to taste (we like salty food and I add 3-4 shakes from our table salt shaker, which is the same amount I would add to the eggs if I were scrambling them alone). Add the flour and mix and stir until well-blended. Add the milk and continue mixing until the batter has a somewhat smooth consistency (apart from the chunks of banana).

Cook on a griddle or in a skillet as you would ordinary pancakes . I prefer using margarine for flavor but ordinary vegetable oil or cooking spray will do.

The yield depends on the size of the banana, but using a 1/3-cup measuring scoop to pour the batter typically results in two medium-sized pancakes.


I put together this recipe based on my memory of a recipe that my mother used to prepare for my baby sister, who was an incredibly picky eater as a little girl. Just like my older son.

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